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Reflections from 1.5 years of teaching online at NYU

Source | Linkedin | Anusha Dandapani

In spring 2018, I started my journey as a teacher. I vividly remember how I felt on day

one. A bit nervous, but mostly excited for the opportunity to pay it forward. 3 semesters,

56 students later, I’ve stopped counting the number of hours I spent with my students.

Reflecting on my journey as a teacher, here are 5 lessons I’d like to share.

Individual attention

From day 1 I strove to create an environment where

every student felt they had an open communication channel with me. No

matter how specific the question was, if they wanted to have a discussion, I

was always available. This assurance encouraged them to leverage me as a

resource and in turn I could assess exactly how well versed they were in the


Two-way feedback

Feedback helps everyone grow. Whether it’s weekly pop

quizzes or bi-weekly homework assignments, there were multiple opportunities

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