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Reinventing HR – Does HR need a makeover? WARNING: This perspective may surprise you

Source | LinkedIn : By Pavithra Sridhar

Why is this going to surprise you?

Because we’re not going to talk about the top trends in HRM or how HRM is unable to cope with changes or still continue the age old “HR should be in line with the overall strategy and HR Managers should understand the business”

Yes, it is all necessary and part of the game, but above all let’s think if we have forgotten the Human aspect of Human Resource Management? Have we removed the ‘H’ from HRM and started treating people as mere resources?

One fine morning, an employee told her HR Manager that she was unable to concentrate on her work. She was always a cheerful and excellent performer at work. The HR Manager knew there was something wrong that is affecting her performance but kept questioning her about her performance repeatedly without asking her the root cause for her performance dip. He put her on Performance improvement plans, but she showed no improvement. Then, her Boss heard about the issues and told the HR Manager, hey, wait, there’s a problem. He had a few heart-to-heart conversations and found out that she had problems with her in-laws’ house after she got newly married. Her boss gave her some time to heal, did not ask her many questions about her performance. 2 months passed by and one evening, when he was casually having coffee, she came and told him that she and her husband had now moved out from her in-laws’ place to a separate house and that she is much happier now. She also added that she had been rated the best in her team during the appraisal cycle. She was all in praise for her Boss for understanding her situation and giving her time and space.

Is it about time HR Managers focus on keeping employees happy, that they were originally supposed to do without focusing overly on just protecting the organization?

Gone are those days when an HR Manager on the shop floor would put his/her hand around the employee’s shoulder and have a small chat about work and other issue. Gone are those days when HR Managers actually put people first before processes. Gone are those days when HR Managers used to focus on deep-level long-term issues rather than focussing on short-term surface-level problems.

And, how do we do this?

HR people need to be accessible, credible and compassionate first of all. They have to know the organization’s topmost strategy and vision and also know the complaints of employees in the cafeteria. They need to show the employees that they really care for them, not just by conducting satisfaction surveys alone but by physically being present for them, understanding, caring and helping employees be happy and satisfied thereby performing well on their job. HR managers should tell leaders “Hey, we need to work on making our workplace the coolest places to work for”. HR Managers need to be the pioneers of a great culture. HR Managers should treat employees better than the law requires.

Should we start re-thinking about our HR Policies and framework? Should we revamp the very functioning of our HR Systems? Times may change but the sole purpose of existence should remain.

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