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Release “EL” of people

Source | LinkedIn : By Mahesh N

This article is not about processing of “Earned leave” applications..

Emotional labour (EL) in short is to mean forced suppression of feelings and expressions , and are made to put up “Smiley faces” as part of their job role at Work place.

(Refer- Arlie Russell Hochschild book, The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling)

This aspect is very important both from Organisation point of view and people’s point of view.

People carrying emotions to office or expressing it, will badly affect customers and peer relationships.. Same way supressing or hiding emotions ( Acting) causes great stress on a person ,who can be psychologically not connected with job ie., resulting in Disengagement and burnout.

So how do we Manage ?

People and their emotions can’t be separated after all !

There are not commodities.

If Managers sense some signs of frustration of some people at work place eg; withdrawal or remaining silent during discussions, please facilitate a private session for the person to speak out and voice their Views and opinion relating to his job, role, family, peer group , career etc.

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