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Remote Work Debates, 2nd Gen AI, Talent Scarcity, Long Times To H…

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This week’s podcast covers several topics:

– The continuing debate about remote work, and why I believe it’s still a good option, despite CEOs who feel otherwise
– My great conversation with Scott Galloway, discussing remote work and more
– Why Amazon workers may walk out
– Review of AI solutions from the ERP vendors and update on 2nd Generation AI
– The big issue of talent scarcity and what to do about it
– Why does it take so long to hire people and what’s the answer
– The AI safety law in New York City and why it could create some chaos.

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Additional Information

[Irresistible 2023: The Global Conference for HR Leaders and Teams]( (get your seat)

[Lightcast: The Switzerland Of The Global SkillsTech Market](

[Amazon Workers Walk Out Over Lack Of Trust In Leadership (and Remote Work Policy)](

[The New York City AI Safety Law (we all need to learn about)](


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