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Remote Work Has Arrived, But It’s Not Quite As Great As We Hoped


We’ve had almost a year of remote work, and the transformation has been amazing. Today, among those who can, 71% of Americans  work from home most of the time, 87% say they have excellent tools, and employees are roughly as engaged as they were before the Pandemic.

But there is a huge gap between rich and poor going on.

In fact, “remote work” is the ultimate new class divide.

Consider this data (from Pew Research, 5,900 workers): 62% of College-Educated workers say they can work from home, only 17% of those without a college degree say the same.

When we look at income levels, the disparity is even greater. 

The New Corner Office Is The Home Office

What does this mean? We have created a whole new “corner office” effect. While many of us can work at home all day, our lower-income team-mates simply cannot.

And younger workers (under the age of 50) are having a much harder time than people my age. Younger workers feel far less motivated, less able to meet and connect with peers, and less productive in general. In fact, as the data shows, younger workers are “half as motivated” than older people.

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