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Report: IT automation to drive tech spending in 2022

Source | | VB Staff

Due to this remote push, multi-year modernization efforts are anticipated, indicated by an elevated priority on IT projects in many organizations — the top driver of budget increases (49%) in 2022, up from 45% in 2021.

With ransomware on the rise and a lack of awareness around security threats among hybrid and remote employees, the report found that more than 75% of organizations plan to adopt employee training and spending on emerging anti-ransomware technology solutions to protect endpoint devices and remote users more effectively.

Emerging Technology Adoption (Current and Planned). IT Automation Technology is first, followed by, in order, gigabit wi-fi networking, internet of things, virtual desktop infrastructure, container technology, and hyperconverged infrastructure.

Concerning hardware, laptops will be the top spending area (19% of hardware budgets) in 2022, eclipsing desktop spending (14%). While server spending will represent 11% of hardware budgets, allocations have dropped significantly — from 14% in 2020 — as workloads shift away from on-premises datacenters.

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