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Report Predicts Top 6 Jobs in 2040

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BAE Systems recently performed a study that found that 47% of people aged 16-24 think that they’ll have a career in a job that doesn’t exist yet. 

Of the people surveyed, only 18% believe they have the skills to future-proof their careers and nearly 75% believe that they don’t have enough information on the jobs that will be available in the future. 

BAE asked its futurists to predict the top six jobs of 2040. 

1: AI Ethicist

In July 2018, engineers, scientists, and tech leaders signed a pledge against lethal autonomous weapons systems (killer robots). As autonomous systems receive more responsibility, AI ethicists will make sure they don’t show bias and make decisions that best serve the business. It’s like Asimov’s three laws if you replace “human being” with “the company.”

Study: History, Math, and Philosophy.

2. AI Translator

An AI translator will train humans as well as their AI assistant or robot counterpart. They will tailor the AI to meet the worker’s needs and tune it to acknowledge and correct human errors. 

Study: Cybersecurity, IT, and Mechanical Engineering.

3. Human e-Sources Manager

Human e-Sources Managers will analyze data collected from exoskeletons, smart textiles, and wearables to perform predictive and preventative maintenance on human workers. Sensors will send alerts to the manager when you’re overworked, overstressed, and otherwise unwell. 

Study: Biology, Medicine, and Psychology. 

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