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Researcher Suggests ‘People Who Like To Be Alone’ Are Pretty ‘Badass’

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While it might not always seem like it those who prefer to spend time alone might be pretty badass. Throughout the years, lots of research has been done on those who like to be around others and those who do not, this revealing more than you might expect.

If you are someone who loves being alone don’t let other people tell you that you’re weird as a result. Being comfortable enough to enjoy your own company isn’t weird, it’s a wonderful thing. I recently came across an article written in Psychology Today that goes over how being alone isn’t a bad thing and really highlights some of the bodies of research that show just how positive it can be for us. This article was/is titled “The Badass Personalities of People Who Like Being Alone” and it was written just a few years ago by Bella DePaulo. 

Bella DePaulo is a scientist of sorts though she holds many titles. While in her 60s she is someone who loves being on her own and is still single even now. As far as going over what makes those who prefer to spend their time alone badass I doubt anyone better could have tackled the task.

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