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Resilience is the future of leadership: CP Gurnani

To navigate times of crises, leaders need to be able to wear many hats in order to guide, inspire and innovate

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The coronavirus outbreak started a war that united the world in a unique way, and it has been testing the resilience of all nations and economies. Businesses of all kinds have been forced to adapt to remote work, reconfigure physical workspaces, revise logistics and supply networks in order to cope with the unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic.

Though it has spread panic across the globe, it has also demonstrated and made us understand the significance of crisis management, business continuity and resilience. It served as a lesson for businesses across the world to find opportunities amidst uncertainties. To survive and thrive in this new world order, we need to dismantle the known order to discover new capabilities. It calls for leaders to be focussed, and yet open to revisiting strategies, taking bold risks, and being agile and nimble—with people at the centre of every decision. I believe that this has been possible because leadership is not just a single role; rather, it is a dynamic combination of roles across disciplines.

Leaders as Wartime Generals
I believe that the pandemic necessitates business leaders to take a leaf out of the military book and move from being ‘Peacetime Leaders’ to ‘Wartime Generals’. The enemy, in this context, is the virus, and globally we are leading the combat against it, together. The scale and complexity of the situation are daunting, and the stakes are high.

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