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6 Resources to Help You Launch Your Startup Business

By | Samantha Higgins

There’s a great deal of planning that goes into launching a startup, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to do everything yourself. You can run your business more efficiently if you take advantage of the resources that are available through third-party services. This will help you ensure your startup runs well on its own while giving you the professional quality of results you need in every aspect of your business.

Know Where to Get Funding

One of the earliest things to consider in launching a startup is how you’ll fund your new business. The first thing you should do in obtaining funding is to look for start up business grants and angel investors. These resources will provide you with funding that you won’t have to pay back. Borrowing less money will enable your new startup to achieve solvency that much sooner.

You’ll Need to Create Intellectual Properties

Regardless of the type of startup you have in mind, you’ll need to create intellectual properties in the form of branding logos, business slogans, and other unique creations. You’ll want to create high-quality art that will be used uniquely by your business.

Hiring a digital artist can be expensive, but you can save money by looking for freelance writers and artists. Freelancers can help you create everything from internal training materials to marketing materials for your startup.

Think About Your Marketing Needs

In terms of marketing your startup, you’ll have to spend as much time promoting your brand as you spend managing the other aspects of your business. Unfortunately, there won’t be enough hours in the day for you to pay equal attention to everything.

An advantageous solution is to hire professional marketing services. A marketing firm can help you with brand building, product promotion, and business growth. They will have experience creating dynamic and effective social media, mobile, SMS, and email marketing campaigns.

Limit the Number of Full-Time Employees You Hire

Some startups only have a handful of employees and still function very efficiently while maintaining high customer service quality. That’s because those startup entrepreneurs make more use of outsourcing than other businesses. There are very few administrative roles that can’t be filled by outsourcing to an experienced firm.

From bookkeeping and accounting to human resources, you can outsource almost every position in your business. This saves you money in terms of the salaries and benefits you would otherwise have to provide. You’ll also be able to rely on professional-quality results that will keep your startup operating at peak performance.

Leverage Technology to Run Your Startup More Efficiently

The resources you use to launch a successful startup don’t always have to involve services provided by other professionals. In addition, look for technological innovations that will help you operate your new business. That doesn’t mean you should buy every new technology that becomes available.

Rather, look at technology as an investment in your business. Any device or equipment you buy should either improve your startup’s productivity or enhance the quality of service you provide to your customers. As long as the technology serves one of those two purposes, it can be viewed as a good investment in your startup’s growth.

Look for Physical Space for Your Business

Consider a commercial real estate agent as an invaluable resource in launching your startup. Unless you’re starting a business that you can operate out of your own home, you will need commercial or industrial space.

A commercial real estate agent can help you determine whether to buy or lease property, and they can help you find available commercial space in prime locations. The location, infrastructure, and quality of the building you buy or lease will play significant roles in determining how well your new business succeeds.

Your agent can help you meet those needs while ensuring you stick to your anticipated budget.

Bottom Line

As you find a new need that must be met in the operation of your startup, take the time to explore your options for fulfilling that need. In some cases, you’ll be able to fill that role yourself. In other cases, a full-time employee or a third-party service will be better able to handle that responsibility. Knowing when to take advantage of outside resources will help you run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively.


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