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Rethinking The Rules Of Employee Engagement: Why Courage, Candor And Change Are Better

Source | | Jared Narlock

What does your ideal workplace look like? In my experience as a coach, numerous leaders and employees have told me that their ideal workplace is one centered on trust, accountability, transparency in communication and empowerment brought forward by leaders. There’s something missing, though, between the environment that employees say they want, the culture that companies say they strive for and the partnership and willingness to take needed actions to make these hopes a reality.

This rampant problem has found its way into organizations in the form of counterfeits — through things like employee engagement surveys, which claim to bring value to organizations but, in reality, can hinder them from having the type of work culture they desire. While these surveys allow employees to provide feedback to their organizations, they often allow for it to be given in a highly unaccountable way. The intent of the surveys is positive, but they can allow for counterfeiting to occur: Employees ask for transparency in communication from their leader and organization but are often allowed to provide anonymous feedback about concerns in these surveys.

Consider this: Numerous best-selling and highly referenced books like Crucial Conversations and The Speed of Trust delve into the importance of having honest and brave dialogues in the workplace.

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