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RETIREMENT – the new career move

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

Do people today actually look forward to retirement these days? Maybe, you can tell me. I haven’t hit 65 yet so maybe I will be feeling different then, but I’m not far off and don’t see retirement as anything about sitting around watching television in the day time and joining sports clubs. To me retirement – firstly isn’t a word that comes up much in my vocabulary – but secondly is more about changing direction.

I’ve seen even with those who are close to me who have worked for years with companies and have taken that decision to retire and found that after their 2-3 year wind down, when the actual day comes it really is somewhat of an anti-climax, and they really wonder what’s next.

My own father (though of course of another generation), was someone who found himself finally free, but anxiously thinking ‘free to do what’? He stayed around home for a while and drove my mother nuts, expecting cups of tea for morning and afternoon tea times and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table every day. It was really not until he realized that he had to do something with his time that he eventually wrote a book and became extremely active with his charities that he was very passionate about. Namely, he still had work to do, and had deadlines to meet, he just did what he wanted to do, not what others wanted.

I think this is the key here – to take on something new at retirement age is a tough call, so what do people do? They look at what they love to do and pursue that, and in this day and age that pursuit can also be another new and exciting career move.

I recently met someone who retired only in March of this year. He looked very different, more relaxed and healthy looking. I asked him, how was retirement? He just laughed and said – “I’m now working twice as hard because everyone thinks I’m free and have nothing to do!”, he went on to say that in fact again, it’s really not about putting your feet up, it’s about being out there to follow your real passion.”

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