Revealing the Dirty Little Startup Secret

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I’ll let you in on a little secret: not every startup founder is a 22-year old white male living at home with his parents. Some of us are – wait for it – women, and within that small circle, there’s an even smaller one that barely makes a blip on the radar: mothers.

It’s like a dirty little secret we aren’t supposed to admit – that we have children and families – while we create biotech companies, law firms, AR & VR technologies, and software engineering teams.

Startups = Innovation

What is innovation? It’s creating new technologies, or doing something in a better, more efficient, or affordable way.

And yet, many believe innovation must be done in a cookie-cutter way, like a verbal Paint by Numbers set:

  1. Describe your product
  2. Research the competition
  3. Design a marketing plan
  4. Fundraise

…And so on.

Life is rarely mentioned. What happens when you’re on a call with an investor and your son gets sick at school? Who handles things at home when you’re abroad representing your company at a trade show or startup competition? If you’re a female entrepreneur, you give a lengthy explanation about how you handle it all. If you’re a male entrepreneur, the question is never even asked.

  1. The Challenges

The cookie-cutter method brings unique challenges to working mothers. I recall being told more than once, “Yeah, most people doing this don’t have kids, so…” or “Good luck with that”in an obnoxious, negative, sarcastic ‘you’re-never-gonna-make-it’ tone.

Dr Gitanjali Swamy, Managing Partner of IoTask LLC, recalls her years of study at Harvard Business School. It was in the mid-2000s and Gita had a 1-year old baby. The admissions office told her, “You won’t be able to survive the program; it’s tough.” Gita replied, “Do you say this to every man who has a family?” At the time of the class, Gita remembers roughly 900 students with an almost equal male/female ratio. While about half of the male students had children, just 3 female students did. 3 out of  900.

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