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review recommends areas to improve | Jo Faragher

Ambulance services have been told to eradicate bullying and sexual harassment after the publication of a damning report into their workplace culture.

An independent review was commissioned by NHS England after the National Guardian’s Office issued a report last year showing that workers in ambulance trusts felt uncomfortable reporting misconduct.

The review, led by Siobhan Melia, chief executive of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, aimed to uncover why “deeply concerning cultural issues” were impacting workers in ambulance services in England, and make recommendations as to how things could be improved.

Melia uncovered similar findings to those of the NGO last year, with staff telling her they “continue to face harassment, discrimination and bullying”, and if they try to report it, this is met with “scepticism”.

Her report also found that many trusts tend to prioritise operational performance over ensuring that employees feel comfortable in the workplace. One of its six key recommendations is that “operational performance is balanced with people performance at all levels”.

The report found: “Staff shortages and limited opportunities for development mean that any work beyond direct clinical care is seen as a luxury or is rushed.

“Despite this, there is a clear link between positive organisational culture and improved patient outcomes. However, trusts often focus on meeting response time standards for urgent calls, whilst side-lining training,…

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