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Review time.. time to say ‘Thank You’ – ONLY!

Source | LinkedIn : By Martin Dinesh Gomez

Good news for all the managers.  At the time of annual review, you need to do only 3 things:

  1. Say ‘Thank You’
  2. Communicate Rating and
  3. Communicate Compensation details

That’s all required of you.. isn’t it simple and easy. 

Yes, it is that simple and easy!  That’s the only expectation from HR and management of all the managers. Of the above, saying ‘Thank You’ is the most important part. It is the time of the year where you acknowledge your team members effort, value and contribution.  It is definitely not the time to talk about their misses that happened during the performance year.  Not the time to discuss about what areas that they need to develop.  Not the time to give them coaching and counselling. Not the time to say, you should have done this work differently.

Surprised?  That this kind of note is coming from a HR person and that the annual review discussion is a simple communication of only good news and more so asking you to avoid any difficult conversation.  Hmmm.. well it’s not that simple either.  I am not letting you go away that easily.

It’s not that easy either!:  Yeah, this is going to be little preachy and you would have heard it numerous times.  But don’t stop reading if you want your annual review with your team member to be an easy discussion. 

I don’t have a magic wand to make it simple and what I am going to say is neither rocket science nor something new.  The simple fact is, performance review is an ongoing process.  You do it through the year.  Feedback – both positive and constructive should be immediate. 

We play a dual role – as a manager and employee ourselves.  As an employee, do we like the course correction discussion and feedback end of the year or immediately from our manager, so that we can do something about it?   I can see all of you shaking your head for immediate feedback and coaching.  Then why are we delaying it for our team members.  Do you know that the most difficult conversation is ‘the conversation that you didn’t have‘ with your team member at the right moment? 

We owe it to our team members. 

3 steps to make annual review ‘Simple’: Here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Weekly review. If you don’t have a formal one setup, please do.  Focus on previous week’s achievement and what’s planned for the coming week.  Discuss on some of the misses and leaning from it
  2. Monthly 1-0-1: Apart from the weekly review, where you discuss on performance, have a monthly schedule to just connect with your team member.  Focus should be only that individual, their career and engagement levels
  3. Praise publicly, Criticize privately: Both should be immediate and current.  It is beneficial for the individual, your team and the organization

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