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Righteousness – The Right Way

By | Adil Malia |

Duryodhana always suspected that though Bhisma was fighting from his side, in the secret cavities of his heart and mind, Bhishma was hoping and praying for Pandavas to win.

For fear of inviting wrath from all if he were to openly raise his finger on the much reverred Bhishma, Duryodhana finds a hundred overt & covert ways to taunt Bhisma about that.

One such was on battle night 4, when in anger he went straight to Bhishma’s camp and asks him to explain the mystery of the Pandav victory everyday (for the last 3 days) despite the Kauvravas having a much stronger Army & a braver set of Generals ???

Bhishma thinks deeply for a moment and answers – “Righteousness”. The Pandavas were fighting for Righteousness and thus they were backed by the all prevading Krishna. Such a deadly combination of Righteousness supported by Krishna was far superior than the combination of a strong Army with brave Generals. You Duryodhana are fighting for your greed. They Pandavas were fighting for a righteous Creed. What a strong family you could be Duryodhana, only if you gave up your ego and greed. Even now give up the war and create a united family. But that was not to be. And we all know the outcome.

A thousand occasions arise in the life of corporate leaders when they reach a similar cross road and have to make a critical decision to choose between the options …

– gain quick short-term

Victories to feed their

greed OR

– lose in the short run

but gain in the long by

fighting for their

Righteous creed.

So many opt for the first option but live and soon repent their wrong calls.

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