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Rise of machines on human labor and the uberfication of AI

Source |  |  BY:Michael Spencer#2 LinkedIn Top Voice 2016 | Futurist | Quora Top Question Writer | Freelance Marketing Consultant


While there appears to be considerable disagreement among AI researchers about what the risk of AI may be, the impact of machine intelligence and robots on human labour and jobs is another matter.

If robots can improve on human efficiency of tasks, how long before they have social intelligence? Back in the day, Google won a patent to start building worker robots with personalities.

AI’s impact on Healthcare will make Health-Tech Revolutionary

Machine learning alone in a field like Healthcare can:

  • Improve diagnostics
  • Predict outcomes
  • Improved personalized care
  • Speed of up Genome screening with implications in health insurance
  • Decide on care decisions and treatment options
  • Recognise patterns based on Big Data
  • Aid in drug discovery and manufacturing
  • Disrupt smart electronic health records

You get the general idea. Machine learning transforms health-care in a more radical way than AI is already transforming the retail customer experience.

If retail is a behaviour related to the economy, healthcare is at the very foundation of our institution of capitalism, service and labor.


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