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Robotic Welding and Your Business

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Technological advancements have changed how many businesses function; some of the changes are subtle but impactful, while others are immediately noticeable. Robotic welding is one of the more immediately apparent changes in the industrial and manufacturing industries. Before your business invests in robotic welding, you’re probably wondering what it is and if it’s worth it. Check out why your business would need robotic welding and the benefits it brings to your business.

What Is Robotic Welding?

Robotic welding uses programmable robotic tools to perform welding processes automatically. Robotic welding is not to be confused with a collaborative system, where a human operates the robot in controlled conditions. In automobile manufacturing, robotic welding is responsible for all spot welding and large-scale arc welding. Industries that use robotic welding include metals and machinery, electrical, electronics, and construction.

Why Does a Business Need Robotic Welding?

Small businesses face many challenges, from funding and resource limits to difficulty finding the right worker for the position. Since it’s difficult for small businesses to compete with larger corporations, they need to find solutions to lower labor and material costs. Additionally, considering the implementation of advanced technologies like robotic welding and incorporating fume control equipment can offer them a competitive edge, helping to optimize operations and ensure the well-being of their workers. Below are a few ways that robotic welding benefits your business.

Robotic Welding and Your Business
Robotic Welding and Your Business

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Competitive Advantage

As a business, it makes sense to find ways to create high-quality products simultaneously and save on costs to produce said products. Robotic welding makes the welding process more efficient and saves on the cost of labor, which is great when there’s a labor shortage. Robotic welding is an invaluable asset that helps you grow your customer base and win more bids. 

Consistency and Waste Reduction

When programmed correctly, robots can produce the same weld the same way every time. While an experienced welder can produce excellent welds, it’s difficult and time-consuming to produce the same weld each time. Since a robotic welder produces the same weld each time, this leads to improved product quality with consistent results. If your business can’t afford to purchase a robotic welder, there are rentals available.

It’s normal for human welders to make mistakes, which add up when you count how often they have to rework a product or the amount of wasted material left over. A lot of waste increases the cost of materials for your business as you have to purchase more materials, which slows production. A properly programmed robotic welder produces accurate welds every time, lowering waste and increasing efficiency.

Increased Uptime

With a robot doing the welding work, you don’t have to worry about the robot needing a break, becoming ill, or performing an action that results in an injury and leads to them needing to take time off to recuperate. The only time the welding robot would need to stop is if it’s time for routine maintenance or repairs. 

If you believe it would be a good idea to combine robotic welding and your business, there are many welders you can rent. Auto DIY auto repair provides a sense of accomplishment, allows you to learn new skills, and, when you know what you’re doing, saves money in the process.

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