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Role of HR in times of Covid 19 : TEN Fresh Perspectives

By | Ravi Santhanam | Executive Coach – Leaders & Teams

The article “Spotlight on HR” ( evoked considerable interest from the HR fraternity. This triggered a meeting with four highly accomplished HR Practitioners, from diverse backgrounds. This document summarises the fresh perspectives that emerged from the first such meeting.

The Four HR Practitioners:

Anand Chaturvedi

Balaji V

John Idicula

Vineet Kaul

1. WFH vs W@H vs WFA

How do we guard against the risk of Work From Home, degenerating into Work @ Home, and adversely affecting familial relationships?

Visualise the home of a middle class nuclear family, of two children, two working parents, in one of our metros. Would it be practicable for the parents to WFH while the children are attending Classes From Home (CFH)? 

What is the correct way to re-interpret WFH, in the Indian context? Should we interpret it as WFA – Work From ANYWHERE? If yes, can we arrange, safe and convenient spots, near our employees homes, for them to work from?

2. Social Distance vs Physical Distance

How do we prevent “social Distance at Work” degenerating in to “Socially Distant at Work”? Isn’t the term Social Distance, a bit of a misnomer? When we say Social Distance, don’t we mean maintaining physical distance? 

Are we reimagining our offices and factories, to facilitate physical distancing without impairing “being sociable” which is important for team work?

Republished with permission and originally published at Ravi Santhanam’s LinkedIn

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