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Ron Carucci: “Rising to Power: The Journey of Exceptional Executives” | Talks at Google

Author Ron Carucci, two-time TEDx speaker, and bestselling author of the Amazon #1 Rising to Power: the Journey of Exceptional Executives shares results of a 10-year longitudinal study with more than 2700 leaders on what derails leaders on the way up, and what sets those apart who thrive once there.

HBR named the research one of 2016’s “Ideas that mattered most.” More than 50% of those rising up in organizations fail within their first 18 months. But those failures are more than avoidable. Find out what it takes to rise and thrive into bigger leadership roles.

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  1. Genuinely helping others to watch them succeed is what drives me. It goes back to in order to become a great leader you have to put others before yourself. Great talk, I really enjoyed it and Mr. Carucci answered alot of my questions with insightful strategies that are honest and logical.

  2. This guys stupid. Plain common sense talked out like he has some scientific method. Ceos should have a vision for the company, someone who comes in with all your attributes wont fail but the company wont thrive. Theres too many variables for your simple minded hypothesis to conclude anything. What you describe are managers.

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