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Sacked without valid Reason

Source | HRMilestone

According to a report published, the woman employee,  had joined the company as technical system analyst on July 16, 2012 and after three months, she had got her confirmation letter.

She was initially noted by her company managers for her exceptional performance for which she even got a salary hike of 8% on May 8, 2013, while her colleagues got a hike of 5% only.

Moreover, she even received a certificate of appreciation and a letter from her boss saying, “I appreciate your ongoing contribution and I am pleased to have you as member of our team, Congratulations.”
Besides, she also got a lucrative incentive of Rs 56,694.

But things took a U-turn and she was asked by her manager to go through the ‘performance improvement plan’, after which she was shocked.

Then, she approached the HR that why she was being asked to take ‘performance improvement plan’, even though her performance was at par.

But, she could not get any response, instead the HR asked her to keep quiet about the issue.

On October 29, 2013, the HR manager told her that she has been fired and she should immediately leave the company.

When she asked them the reason, then she was taken out by the security guards and was not even allowed to take her belongings.

Then, she filed an FIR against the company at Police Station, and with the help of two constables, she got back her belongiongs.
She again contacted the company to know why she was sacked, without any explanations or prior notice. As her pleas went in vain upon the deaf ears, she decided to approach the State Women’s Commission that recommended her to contact the Labour Department.

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