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Sadhguru: “Developing an Inclusive Consciousness” | Talks At Google


Sadhguru who is a world renowned yogi, mystic and visionary humanitarian is addressing the points and concerns around inclusiveness raised by the panel of VPs and Googlers. Sadhguru speaks about how individuals can create a quality of inclusiveness within them. Elaborating on how that can impact our work places, homes and communities, he provides practical thoughts and tools on how to create a more inclusive consciousness which he says is the most important aspect that’s needed in the world today.

With many recent tragic events at home and around the world, there is a deep concern and yearning for us to prevent more tragedies and find solutions to problems that appear to be outside what our two hands can do. Sadhguru has established an infrastructure for developing human consciousness and fostering global harmony through individual transformation. He refers to this as “Inner Engineering” and will dive deeper into the mechanics of how one can bring balance to the mind, body, emotions and energy. Millions of people across the globe have been touched by his Inner Engineering programs whereby they experientially feel connected to the people around them in ways they had never felt before.

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  1. Sadhguru how do you deal with guilty people who do not like who they are and they believe that they are not themselves but they are you or a child or me or other people???????you are happy with yourself and people like you. so want people to like them not you.

  2. look at what is happening in The US. They meddle in every country's elections and then they accuse wrongly Russia of meddling in their electoral process just because people elected the one who best represented their interests. . i think that the main problem of today societies is that many people relied on the thought process and is materialization. Or wishful thinking at the expense of innocent people.

  3. The hardest part is understanding the message in this talk and watching my grandson having to endure society's education system. Best I can do is be there for him and in that process guide him with 'unlearning' all that mental masturbation along the way.

  4. Moderator made the worst comment about Mohammad. He was and still is the source of violence. Although there is no evidence that he ever existed. It is the collective madness of Islam that has created a violent memory and image of non-existing prophet.

  5. There is none who can sit with such ease as Sadhguru, He exudes calmness and serenity like a pleasant clear pool of water. Nay, There is no human on this planet right now who can truly claim that they are at such ease as Sadhguru Himself. Do not let your thoughts, emotions or knowledge cloud you, just perceive using your utmost attention you will eventually witness the depth of His teachings.

  6. Am I the only one who feels like this is so much nonsense? I think these infantile notions only makes sense if your head is full of superficial ideas about the nature of intelligence, emotional, “consciousness” and “identity”

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