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Safe and Sound: The Importance of Using PPE in the Workplace

By | Lauren Cordell

Wherever we are, safety should be anyone’s priority. As some jobs are naturally dangerous, the safety of the laborers should be the utmost concern of the employers. One excellent tool for protection is Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. PPEs help protect the user from physical harm or hazards in the workplace environment or anywhere unsafe.

Preventive measures should be the priority especially in industries and environments that are hazardous for people. Other than giving safety equipment to the employees, it must also meet the Personal Protection Equipment Regulation. This is to provide and meet the correct size and fit of PPEs for the users.

PPEs include protection for the head, eye, and equipment like footwear, high-visibility clothes, and safety harnesses. In some cases, it may also include respiratory safety equipment. Still unfamiliar with PPEs? Here we will provide you with details about the different PPEs and the importance of using one in different workplace setups.

1. Head Protection

In every workplace, safety is a major issue. Mostly in risky jobs like construction, safety and protection should be on top of the list. Accidents are prominent in construction sites. The absence of adequate personal protection equipment can be risky in any way. PPEs help reduce risk exposure to employees. Thus, making every job safe for everyone. Hard hats are commonly one of the most frequently utilized equipment in a similar site.

Protective hard hats are primarily designed to protect the head from flying and falling objects. For further protection, some of these hats even come with face shields to double the safety of the workers. Remember that hard hats must fit the head of the user for adequate safety.

2. Hearing Protection

Hearing loss cases are common in workplaces like the manufacturing sector. With all the work and exposure most of these employees have to go through every day, protection is a need. Workers that are commonly exposed to extreme noise are musicians, construction workers, factory engineers, airport workers, and the like. No one wouldn’t want to damage their ears for sure. Therefore, enough protection must be provided for every employee in the field.

Common hearing protection tools for workers include earplugs and earmuffs. What is the difference between these two protection tools? Earplugs are best for reducing high-frequency noise around you. On the other hand, earmuffs are used for the reduction of low-frequency noise. With all the risks in the works mentioned above, make sure you get the most appropriate ear protection for your specific needs.

3. Eyes and Face Protection

We can all agree that our eyes and face are some of the most important parts of our body. Of course, one can’t function well without good vision. Thus, it is crucial to have proper protection for the eyes and face in the workplace. These protective tools are essential in work related to healthcare, construction, welding, wood, manufacturing, and many others.

Depending on which work you are in, eye hazards should be something to look out for. Eye accidents can occur anytime. As a result, they can lead to serious injury, blindness, and even infection. Protections like safety goggles and full-face shields are readily available to keep your eyes and face protected from any harm during work.

4. Hand and Skin Protection

Many tools are used in work that needs to be operated and done through the use of hands. That being said, enough hand and skin protection is essential, especially at the job site. During work, cuts and punctures can happen. Remember that worse problems can occur even from a single cut. Dermatitis, in particular, is common in a wide variety of industries.

Hand injuries and skin problems commonly occur in dangerous places like construction sites and laboratories. How can you protect your hands and body from these problems? An easy solution to keep your skin healthy is by washing it regularly. Furthermore, choosing the most appropriate gloves for work can also help. Many gloves type are available today; some types include the following:

  • Leather Gloves
  • Latex Gloves
  • Cut-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Insulated
  • Anti-vibration

5. Respiratory Protection

If you work in sites that include toxic substances, PPE should be your top priority for respiratory protection. It can be one of the most dangerous that many people may sometimes overlook. Always remember that things you can’t see can still affect you. What is its use? Respirators are designed to keep you safe from dust, fumes, chemicals, sprays, and other dangerous substances.

In works and environments where the air is contaminated, respiratory protections are beneficial. Most significantly, it will help the people achieve adequate ventilation moreover for places where proper ventilation is unavailable.


Working for how many hours is already tiring. We may sometimes feel overwhelmed about all our responsibilities at work, thus overlooking our health and safety. Aside from the quality of work, one should also think about what’s best for oneself. Using and properly wearing PPEs is necessary to save your life from unexpected scenarios. Protecting yourself from any harm is one way to give importance to your body and life in general.


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