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Salary cards for employees: what are they for?

By | Kristina Rigina

Today everyone should have a salary card. After all, this greatly simplifies the workflow and provides additional guarantees to both employees and owners.

Why is it worth getting a payroll card?

One of the main advantages is that registration takes a matter of minutes. After spending only five minutes, you will be able to replenish your account and start using the card, feeling all its benefits. The salary card allows you to receive money from all over the world. You can use an IBAN account for this. This greatly simplifies the process of transferring funds.

It is also worth ordering a salary card for self-employed persons, because it will allow you to receive global payments. Therefore, these cards are especially popular with those who work in the field of design and marketing.

Those who work abroad but regularly send money to their families also decide to issue a salary card.

The advantage that an individual salary card has is also the ability to withdraw funds from electronic wallets. At the same time, the list of wallets is very extensive: from Qiwi to PayPal.
Payroll card benefits

The WestStein Prepaid Card guarantees a very high level of privacy and security. The security of all operations carried out with funds is at the level of banks, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of money.

Another reason to order a Mastercard prepaid card is that it is independent from the main bank account, so your main finances are not in danger.

So it is worth issuing a virtual card not only for reasons of comfort, but also for security. Separately, it is worth noting that WestStein uses the modern Mastercard 3D Secure security system. This is a guarantee that your savings will not be in the hands of scammers. So you can use the card to pay for services and purchase goods.

The WestStein virtual card also has a two-step verification system when making online purchases. So you definitely will not lose your money when ordering goods via the Internet.

With a WestStein payroll card, you will not overpay for financial transactions. Thus, clients can open an IBAN account completely free of charge. This can be done remotely, you only need to have access to the Internet. So no paperwork and no time wasted.

Customers will also be pleased with the lowest possible service fee, which is only 2 euros. You do not lose money when withdrawing cash – the commission is fixed and very acceptable.

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