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After 56 plus years in all manner of sales and sales management, and after training thousands of people in many aspects of sales, I can categorically state that there is a distinctly marked difference between to what many in general business today refer to as sales representatives as opposed to sales professionals.

Ironically, the majority of business owners over the past 20 or more years, and I would also add many with a sales manager title today, amongst those who cannot distinguish a sales representative from a sales professional. Yet, to those who are conversant with both category types, the difference is easily recognised.

In the industry referred to as the sales industry (which could be anything that brings in sales) stands alone as both an industry as well as a category depicting an industry. Allow me to explain what I mean here. Unlike other easily distinguished and also easily categorised professions such as the legal profession, or the many facets of today’s medical sectors, the accounting groups, or the various categories of engineering, and so on, the profession of selling is not formalized.

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