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SAP’s Commitment to People over Profits

Source | LinkedIn | Jennifer Noble | Total Rewards Manager – ANZ at SAP Australia

SAP was recently voted the 7th Best Place to Work in Australia 2019. We are honoured by this wonderful achievement and credit goes to everyone in SAP ANZ – from the sponsors of programs to employees who engage with us and make SAP the best place to work. We want to go further for our people – we want to become the best employer!

As an organisation, SAP’s purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives – this doesn’t just mean our customers; it means the entire SAP ecosystem – employees, partners, and the communities in which we operate and live.

Best said from the experts: Our purpose of putting people first is best summarised by our strongest advocate – SAP CEO, Bill McDermott. “Focus on the things that really matter: your family, friends, health. Take good care of you, because you are absolutely the number one asset of SAP. There is no solution that’s better than the people power of this company.”

Echoed by Dr. Natalie Lotzmann, SAP Chief Medical Officer, who also acknowledged that it can be challenging living by these words due to the rapid pace of change within our business (and the wider corporate world). In her article How To Safeguard A Healthy Corporate Culture Despite VUCA Challenges she noted that while company culture is vital to the health and wellbeing of staff, it can also greatly impact on other factors such as profitability, shareholder return, and customer loyalty.

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