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Satya Nadella on Microsoft’s renewal: It’s an ongoing journey, not a destination

Source | | Mike Murphy

Since rising to CEO in early 2014, Satya Nadella has helped steward Microsoft through a renaissance.

The company shed businesses that were underperforming, focused more directly on diversity and inclusion, and started to work on how it could differentiate itself from other tech giants. Microsoft is often derided for missing the shift to mobile computing during the years Steve Ballmer was in charge. Nadella has taken strides to ensure the company doesn’t miss where the industry appears to be heading now.

Microsoft has become one of the industry leaders in cloud computing. Its Azure platform is used by companies around the world, and in its most recent earnings report, its “Intelligent Cloud” business unit, which includes Azure, generated nearly $11 billion in revenue for the quarter. That’s only about $7 billion less than the entire company generated in the same period in 2013, when Ballmer was still at the

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