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Scale Up Your Hiring Process With the Help of Technology

By | Connor Circle

How you approach staff recruitment in your organization would not only determine your level of success but is also crucial in finding the most qualified candidates for the job. The hiring process has become more competitive for different organizations because every employer wants the best hands in the industry to join their team, and they are willing to go out of their way to make this happen. However, the evolution of technology has made the recruitment of competent staff easier. Whether you want to hire remote staff or an employee who would resume at the office every day, the advancement of digital media has made the process seamless. This article highlights five ways you can scale up your hiring process with the help of technology. 

  1. Utilize Job hunting platforms: The growth of technology has rendered the traditional hiring process ineffective. Many organizations and job seekers now use special social media platforms for recruitment. You can post your job advert on these platforms and filter proposals sent by potential employees. Some leading job hunting platforms are Upwork, Indeed, LinkedIn, Fiver, etc. These are social media platforms created specially for job hunting. Here employers post a clearly explained job description, and job hunters who meet the requirements send in their application and portfolio. You can quickly check through applications sent by job seekers and schedule an interview with the job seekers with the best qualification.
  1. Video interview: Another advantage of technology is that you do not necessarily have to be in the same place as your potential employee before having an interview. Different platforms allow you to schedule a virtual meeting with your candidate. After you must have selected the most qualified candidates based on the application submitted on the job hunting platform, you can speed up the interview process by scheduling an online interview. Here you examine your candidates and get to know them before proceeding to the next phase of the hiring process. Virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google meet, Skype, etc., are available to help scale your interview process.
  1. Use Translation Technology: Because social media is vast, there is no limit to how wide your job advert can reach. If you are looking to hire a remote worker, your job advert would most likely go beyond the boundary of your country. For people from other countries to be able to read and understand your job descriptions, you have to use a translation system. There is a variety of translation software available online for your translation services; google translate is an example. In a situation where your most qualified candidate does not speak your language, and you want to go ahead with the employment, you will need some translation equipment system to communicate with your employee effectively. 
  1. Social media sponsored advert: As mentioned earlier, there are special job hunting platforms where employers meet with potential candidates, but you don’t want to restrict your vacancy to one platform. Since you already know that you compete with other organizations to get the best hands in the industry, it is, however, essential to post job adverts on other platforms. You can post sponsored job adverts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. These sponsored adverts would direct interested candidates to apply on your company’s website. In this case, you’re one step ahead of your competitors in the recruitment process. However, you have to ensure that the job adverts clearly state the job requirement so that you don’t have to filter too many unqualified credentials. 
  1. Use application tracking systems: An application tracking is a software system that allows you to oversee your recruitment process. Basically, this system collects candidate information like their cover letters and resume. It groups the applicants based on their qualifications and skill sets. It also separates the application that best meets your criteria from others that are not up to the criteria. The application tracking system makes it easier to find the candidates or application that stands out without you having to do too much. It does most of the work; all you have to do is review the applications and schedule an interview. However, you can research application tracking systems online and select the best one for your recruitment strategy. 

Before you venture into recruitment, you have to have a recruitment strategy or plan. After you have laid out this plan, you will know the best method for your recruitment process. It would be unwise of any organization not to utilize technological advancements in their recruitment process in the 21st century. However, if you have been thinking of ways to scale up your organization’s recruitment process, these five methods might be useful.

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