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Scaling up an org is like parenting for founders | Dave Ulrich & Freshteam

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The relation between a startup and a founder is very much like the one between a child and a parent. The most difficult phase of parenting or scaling up is “letting go”.

Watch Dave Ulrich, acclaimed as the ‘father of modern HR’, talk about his learning as a parent of three and how it applies to startups and their founders.

As you scale up and ramp up your recruiting as a startup, an ATS will come in handy. Read more on how an ATS can benefit your startup:

This video is an excerpt from Dave Ulrich’s interview for the Freshteam Leadership Series where he talks on topics relevant to growing companies such as
Building workplace culture
Succession planning for founders
Hiring the 1st HR leader

Professor Ulrich clears away the clouds on these topics and while he maintains there is no single recipe for success, he explains the broad principles and guidelines you should apply, to ensure you have a team gunning for success. Watch or read the entire interview:

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