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School Shootings: Not About Guns, It’s About Loneliness | Simon Sinek and Glenn Beck

Bestselling author and TED Talks speaker Simon Sinek has a theory about the alarming rise in school shootings: it’s not about guns, it’s about kids being lonely – and the addiction to technology.

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  1. The flaws in our society's cultural values contribute more to loneliness than technology does. Things like pornography, emotional pornography, and a culture of heartless ambition built up over time have created little pockets of living hell right in the heart of middle-class suburban America. These kids don't have a chance in their little corner of the world, against their social alienation and dysfunctional childhoods. Their depression will lead to suicide. Some die quietly with a little prayer, and others decide to go out with a violent bang. Simon is right that it's about loneliness, but he's WAY off about technology. Kids ignore everyone around them and text on their phones, because they are surrounded by a culture of heartlessness. In turn, they create more of that culture. These kids have no control. It's up to those who are in better situations (mostly older people) to make a contribution that improves our cultural values and stop drawing attention away from the real problem.

  2. Ehh, he's kinda right about some things but at the same time, gun violence is not so simple as "it's all about loneliness." Certainly it's a contributing factor and also an important societal problem in general but there are other factors involved with gun violence and mass shootings.

    And that's not even considering the fact that if we were in that ideal society where everyone has a strong sense of community and trust for one another, we wouldn't even need guns anymore so the debate becomes moot, although a ban at that point would probably still be a good idea.

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