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Science Says You Only Need *2 Minutes* of Cardio To Improve Your Concentration

By | Rachel Lapidos |

Have you ever been struck with brain fog, then gone for a run that left you feeling completely refreshed and clear-headed? That’s not just because of the rush of endorphins. Certain exercises improve concentration and memory, and you only need two minutes of movement to reap the benefits.

According to a recent meta-analysis of 13 different studies done on brain activity post-exercise, aerobic activity can actually boost memory, focus, and problem-solving skills. The research was conducted on young adults between the ages of 18 to 35, though Peter Blomdstrand, MD, a physiologist who led the review, believes that these benefits are “very likely” to apply to children and older adults as well. “[Exercise] improves cognition, learning, and mental health,” he says. “It makes us happier and more focused.”

The studies looked at the effects of three staple cardio modalities—biking, walking, and running—and found that brain-boosting perks come from aerobic activity (meaning you won’t be able to fight brain fog in quite the same way with slower, strength-based activities like barre, Pilates, or yoga). Although more research is needed in order to understand all of the links between brain activity and cardio exercise, experts involved in the analysis believe that the benefits are partly because dopamine receptors are activated during exercise, and dopamine is known to play a big role in cognitive function and learning. Getting your heart rate up and working up a sweat also improves your circulation, too, and the surge of more blood and oxygen in your brain can boost your thinking.

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