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Scientists say this is the key to making fewer mistakes at work

Source | | Kyle Schnitzer

Meditations in an emergency might be the secret to making fewer mistakes.

There are many ways meditation has found its way into the workplace. It’s been found to improve your work ethic in the office and can even be done while commuting to work.

But if you find yourself being forgetful or making mistakes when in a hurry, it turns out that a little bit of meditation can make you less error-prone, according to a new study.

Researchers from Michigan State University published their findings in Brain Sciences in the journal’s September 2019 issue. The main goal for researchers was to find how open monitoring meditation (meditation that focuses on feelings, thoughts, or sensations that are present in one’s body) could change brain activity that would decrease the chances of making mistakes.

“People’s interest in meditation and mindfulness is outpacing what science can prove in terms of effects and benefits,” Jeff Lin, a Michigan State University psychology doctoral candidate and study co-author, said in a press statement. “But it’s amazing to me that we were able to see how one session of a guided meditation can produce changes to brain activity in non-meditators.”

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