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Script For A Perfect Job Interview

Source| Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Brett,

Your wish is my command! Here is an example of the Interviewing with a Human Voice process. As you know, the hiring manager Brittany has already let the candidate, Gustavo, know that he is welcome to bring his questions with him to the interview and also that he’ll have the opportunity to ask Brittany his questions before they talk about anything else.

Of course, this is just an example. Every interview will proceed differently because Brittany will be responding to the conversation as it unfolds, rather than asking questions from an interview script. Brittany is eager to hear Gustavo’s questions and answer them, and to see Gustavo’s brain working as he and she talk about the issues that need attention in Brittany’s department and Gustavo’s ideas for handling them.

Brittany and Gustavo are chatting in Brittany’s office. Her door is locked and she’s put a Do Not Disturb – Interview in Progress – Thanks! sign on her door. Her phone is off. She won’t be interrupted.

Brittany has come out from behind her desk and she and Gustavo are sitting at her little conference table, with cups of coffee.

All the best,


Sample Script: Interviewing With A Human Voice

Brittany: So, Gustavo, have a seat! It’s nice to meet you.

Gustavo: Wonderful to meet you too, Brittany. Your office is great. What a view!

Brittany: Thank you! I look out the window when my brain is too full and it calms me down.

Gustavo: How long has the company been headquartered here?

Brittany: We moved into this building in 2012 when our old building downtown got too crowded.

Gustavo: I’ve  been reading about the company. It’s quite a story!

Brittany: It’s a great story and we’re having a lot of fun. Of course, every organization has its challenges! Let’s get into your questions for me. I’m eager to hear them!

Gustavo: For sure. You’re looking for a Payroll Supervisor, and that’s my experience. I’m curious. Why do you need a Payroll Supervisor? Do you process the payroll in-house?

Brittany: No, we use ADP for our payroll, but because we have people all over the country and we also employ people seasonally, we end up having more payroll issues and projects than perhaps other companies our size do. The title is Supervisor, and there is one employee in the Payroll department, who is a mix of clerical and IT-focused if that makes sense. You’d be responsible for making sure the payroll is processed correctly including withholding, commissions, W-2s at the end of the year — the whole enchilada.

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