Secret Shopper Jobs – Why Use Mystery Shoppers

[ad_1] As a secret shopper, you will be contracted to evaluate a business and report your findings to the mystery shopping company or client who hired you.

But why do businesses use secret shoppers?

Business owners make important decisions based on the data provided through your secret shopping reports and the results are used as essential components in reviewing, assessing and rewarding employees and management staff, and can even affect the future of an individual and an organization as a whole.

These business clients also use the information received from secret shoppers to reward employees who are meeting or exceeding expectations and to coach and encourage employees who are having difficulty complying with expectations.

The secret shopper reports are also used to point out positive things. Shopper finds are used to help identify store locations and employees who are due rewards for outstanding customer service or store cleanliness. Secret shoppers are sometimes even allowed to reward employees on the spot for meeting certain criteria.

As a secret shopper, your job will be to monitor the sales environment for compliance of corporate standards. These are standards that may include policy, procedure, execution, behavior, customer service, merchandize display, product promotion, and pricing. These non-negotiable standards are extremely important to the success of the client company and can not be compromised.

Your secret shopper report must be void of perception, speculation or opinion, or the very same people it is designed to help will challenge the integrity and credibility of your report, and it may be thrown out and, worse, you may not get paid and no one wants to work for free …

This does not mean that perceptions or opinions are not valid. Sometimes as a secret shopper, you are asked to give your opinion on how you felt, or what you thought, and these observations are relevant to service behaviors and issues that simply fall outside the…

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