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Self Motivation

Self Motivation is a motivational book in the self help genres. By sharing lessons from life’s leading figures and inculcating a sense of self-belief, this book guides you in developing your self-confidence and ultimately achieving success.

The book is divided into five parts. Part I contains an introduction. It deals with topics like self esteem, how to emulate winners, building confidence, time management, self control, and motivation. Part II goes over topics like the paths to success, motivating concepts from the bhagvad gita, transcending desires, and attachment and detachment. The third section focusses on personality development, and explains the secrets of success, work and selfless actions, love, faith and learning, and provides success mantras. Part IV coaches the reader on management, and includes topics like success strategies, motivational guidance, anger management, optimism, tolerance and moderation, success and motivation, visualisation, and magnetism and persistence. The fifth and final part of the book contains motivating concepts like the inspiring words of famous men, motivating expressions, words that matter, and motivating examples, like Vitamin M.

Self Motivation was written by John Yager, and published by Lotus Press in 2007. It is available in paperback.


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