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Sell the Problem you Solve, not the Product

My business cards say such things as an educationist, a manager and a sales professional. But when you get right down to it, I’m just a woman who faces clients everyday.. understand them… and strategize… re-strategize… again and again.. Coz.. every client is different.. their expectations are different.. And when it comes to selling products… we need to sit back.. give it a thought and formulate..

Formulate strategies…  understand your buyers.. think about their problems.. how you can provide a solution… That’s it.. where you can “make a difference“….SELL THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE, NOT THE PRODUCT.

I believe that we, as humans, don’t buy “anything.” We simply don’t make decisions based  just on features and benefits. We make decisions based on emotion, “gut feel” and brand promise. We buy when we are moved. We buy when we are captivated and engaged to the point that we forget whatever it is we’re doing and say, “Oh, yes. I need me something of this type.”As Sellers we have to understand that emotion…and focus on the problem that we solve….

PS: The views expressed by the Author is her personal views and not those of the Organisation that she works for.


RatiAMs.Rati Agarwal is the Founding Member & Head Business Development – Trans Neuron Technologies  Rati has invested over 7 years in Education Industry and gained rich expertise in varied roles. She is one of the founding members of a Learn to Launch Company called Trans Neuron Technologies which is an authorized training and ISV Partner of IBM.  Here, she heads up Business Development efforts and takes care of Project Management. She is also a sole author of two books and 3 national and international research papers; an enthusiastic chess player; a dancer; a graphologist and also the Regional Head of a non-profit organization called Happiness Captured in 3 States of India.

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