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Senior Leader Lays Out ‘5 Scary Truths About HR’ — And Why It’s Still Such a Rewarding Career

By | Kim Marie Lachance Shandrow

Veteran people leader Christine Song recently suggested that anyone who is considering a move into HR should take off their rose-colored glasses. Instead, Christine says, they should weigh why so many practitioners have a rocky relationship with their professional calling.

Viral LinkedIn post written by Christine Song, Chief People Officer at Notch: "HR work isn't easy. For any young person who thinks HR work mainly involves booking fun events and being the cheerful 'people person' in the office, you would be wise to rethink if this is the right career move for you. Here are my 5 scary truths about HR:"
To read Christine’s full post, click on the screenshot above.

Christine, the chief people officer at Notch, a startup Toronto food and beverage supply chain software provider, struck a chord with a LinkedIn vent about “five scary truths” concerning HR. Her viral post racked up 23,000-plus reactions and more than 1,100 comments. 

HR professionals of every stripe felt seen, thanking Christine for her post, while chiming in with their own personal experiences. It was like a collective moment of catharsis.

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