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SEO for Dentists: How to Dominate Local Search for 2021

By | Louise Marie

As a dentist, you sure understand the value of having a professional website. Not only does it serve as the foundation for the success of your online presence, but it also makes you more accessible to your target patients. However, if you want to consistently do this, you need to have effective SEO  techniques for your dental website to maximize your brand to its full potential.

 What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is the practice of optimizing a dental practice’s online visibility and rankings in major search engines like Google so that new patients looking for a dentist or dental procedures may find them faster.

Being discovered at the top of Google search results and having general online exposure has become a prerequisite for success and growth for every dental office today.

In fact, 80% of patients in need of dental services seek out Google to find a dental office or to locate a new dentist. With dental SEO, you’re guaranteed that these patients can find you easily whenever they conduct local searches.

Why Do Dentists Need SEO?

Dentists will be unable to properly promote their practice without an ethical SEO company in 2021. Consider SEO to be the foundation of a modern dentistry’s digital marketing strategy with the following benefits:

  • Patients will trust and contact your dental office if you use SEO.
  • Search engine optimization will increase your website traffic.
  • Using effective SEO techniques will result in a better user experience.

How Does Dental SEO Work?

Since SEO optimizes your dental website on search engines, the right keywords will allow search engine bots to scan your site and recommend it with related searches.

For instance, your dental clinic is based in Brampton. You optimize keywords like dental services in the same location. Once a user uses the search term dental clinic in Brampton, the search engine will make sure your website ranks on the first page of that user’s search results. If you earn a higher rank, you will have more chances of getting visited by the user.

It’s also essential for you to note that you’re not alone. You have plenty of competitors out there. However, by effectively using dental SEO techniques, you can outrank them all, thereby increasing your visibility, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

How Do You Dominate on Local Searches?

Now that you understand what dental SEO is, its significance to your dental practice, and how it works, let’s jump in with the best ways that you can dominate local searches.

1.Make your dental website mobile-friendly

By 2025, over 73% of internet users will only access the Internet through their smartphones. Mobile is clearly becoming more essential for online searches, and Google is focusing more on them.

Because of this, the way search engines rate web pages was altered.  Instead of looking at desktop versions of web pages, the search engine now focuses on mobile versions as well. So, if you want your dental site to remain effective in the future, you need to optimize your website for mobile devices.

2. Get the right keywords

When optimizing for keywords, ensure that you can generate a list of dental or SEO keywords for dentists. It’s also imperative that these keywords or phrases are your “buyer’s intent” or the words that your target audience is likely to utilize or search for.

Regardless of the geographical location, keywords should focus on particular criteria that are relevant to what consumers are looking for. Consider the following scenario: The term “Dentist in Toronto” is far too broad and will provide hundreds of hits. It’s better to use search phrases like “female orthodontics in Toronto” to be more specific. Being specific can help you get higher-ranking results.

3. Create great content

To obtain good SEO results in the past, it was enough to have simple content on your website that uses your target keywords. However, as the value of user experience grows, search engines like Google are emphasizing the need of having high-quality content on your website.

For instance, as a dental service, you may want to publish blog posts on topics like how to take care of dentures or things people need to know about cerec crowns.

To produce high-quality content, there are 2 things that you need to do. First, your content must showcase expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Second, you must understand your audience in order to produce high-quality content.

Your SEO will considerably improve if you provide material that is not just related to dentistry but also reflects these characteristics.

4. Design an excellent website

 The design of your website will determine the user experience when visiting it. If your site takes a long time to load, is old-fashioned, or is difficult to navigate, expect to lose customers on the spot. User experience is a significant ranking element in SEO. If Google finds your site to have high bounce rates, your search rankings will negatively be affected.

5. Build citations from other sites

Make sure your website is included in all relevant citation sites and online business directories, including regional citation sites. Not only will this help clients discover your business, but it will also help boost your overall search ranking. Do not forget to correctly display your company’s name, location, and phone number on all citation sites.

6. Gather reviews

Authentic, genuine reviews from your past clients are essential for demonstrating the quality of your dental services as well as providing authority and trust signals to search engines that your site is relevant and valuable.

For local search results, the number of reviews you receive, the general quality of those reviews, and the credibility of the review sites are all important criteria to factor in on search results.

7. Earn high-quality backlinks

Natural backlinks from well-known websites will assist search engines to identify your website as a reliable source of information. Citations, as well as links from educational sites, local newspapers, blogs, and community business groups, will significantly boost your online search exposure.

SEO for Dentists

Dentists and other medical practitioners can benefit from the use of local search optimization. It can assist your small business gain greater awareness in local regions and generate more targeted leads. Especially as Google is increasingly providing location-based results on mobile devices, local SEO is becoming more essential.

I hope that you now have a better idea of why SEO is so crucial for your dental clinic and how you can help your website dominate in local searches.


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