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Sergey Tokarev: Roosh celebrated its birthday in the metaverse

By | Anna Koretskaya

Because of the war in Ukraine, almost all companies were obliged to leave their offices and keep performing online. The IT sector has turned to function remotely and started to look for other opportunities to save the business and the working staff. After a certain time, a small percentage of employees could come back, but the rest have been working from the location they are in. Considering ongoing life threats, gathering employees during the festive winter time seemed impossible. Sergey Tokarev, the founder of the Roosh company, shared the interactive solution on how the company conducted the meeting in the metaverse.

According to Sergey Tokarev, 20% of the Roosh company’s employees are located in Kyiv, while the remaining 80% are scattered around the world. But the necessity to conduct meetings within the company is still on. So the businessman came up with an excellent idea to host one of the big meetings on the platform PartySpace. 

PartySpace represents many opportunities to conduct a meeting successfully. It is a standard platform that can be later adjusted and improved to make it more convenient. It contains useful features to customize like logos, slogans, or labels to the walls, visualize some elements of company reports, etc. The platform was used to perform Synchro Day.

The event lasted three hours. The meeting organizers faced the challenge of keeping people’s attention during the online meeting. It was essential to conduct it and create a real presence as it would be at an actual appointment, as much as possible. That is why Sergey Tokarev mentioned the importance of providing thorough preparation for the meeting. They needed to explain to each participant the principles of using the metaverse. A day before the event, the PartySpace platform sent guides to the event participants and held rehearsals with speakers. This is the second time Tokarev’s company Roosh has organized a meeting for employees in the metaverse.

There was another event dedicated to Roosh’s birthday party. But it was hosted on another platform, Gather. Sergey Tokarev chose it for the interactive features it has. Thus, the platform could create a virtual ship. Roosh paid for it $100. Tokarev added the agency made a significant discount as they support Ukraine and its enterprises. Overall, such a service costs $12,000.

The use of the metaverse is not challenging as it might seem. It is possible to master it within half an hour. Such features like mechanics, movements, interaction with objects, and other avatars come naturally. When it comes to PartySpace, it is easy to create an avatar. It simply needs to upload a photo. On other platforms, there is a special avatar designer panel.

Wrapping up, all the event participants liked the communication in the metaverse. Indeed, it cannot replace an offline meeting, but it is an excellent solution regarding the current circumstances in Ukraine.

Roosh is a Ukrainian IT company specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. It was founded by Sergey Tokarev in 2021. Today, Roosh includes the venture studio Pawa, the Roosh Ventures fund, the community building non-commercial platform AI HOUSE, SET University, the well-known startup Reface, and others.

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