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Serving your notice period gracefully can land you a better job opportunity

Resigning from your job does not mean you can slack off during your notice period. In fact, it is important to maintain productivity levels, show gratitude towards your employer and inform colleagues and clients. It is also crucial not to take any company belongings and not to brag about your new job. Instead, finish your tasks on time and help the person taking your position understand their duties

Source | | Riya Tandon, ET Online

Whether it’s because of the toxic work environment or simply because you have landed a better growth opportunity, handing in your resignation can be a liberating feeling. But wait, you can’t walk out of the doors of your organisation just yet. You must serve a notice period for the number of days stated in your employment contract.

No matter how desperately you may wish for it, serving the notice period does not give you the freedom to just “Netflix and chill” or cut yourself some slack and go on a vacation while your colleagues continue to sweat to meet their deadlines.

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