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Seven Characteristics of Leading Companies That Impact Business Value Through People Analytics

By | Naomi Verghese |

What are Leading Companies doing differently with people analytics to impact more business value? We often hear this question from CHROs and senior HR executives looking to add greater business value to their organisations with people analytics. As a result, Insight222 focused its People Analytics Trends research this year on investigating what “the best of the best” in people analytics are doing. These organisations are called “Leading Companies” and the aim of this year’s research was to identify key characteristics that allow them to deliver more value and create more impact in their businesses, than others.

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What Are Leading Companies?

The simplest definition of a Leading Company are those companies that practice “best in class” people analytics. They invest in their stakeholders and prioritise the most important business topics as much as they invest in their own teams and function. They measure the impact of their work on their organisation and its workforce and focus on scaling the people analytics products they develop. And they actively enable HR business partners (HRBPs) to be more data-driven. In short, Leading Companies in People Analytics focus on impacting business value.

How do they achieve this?

The Insight222 People Analytics Trends 2022 research found that Leading Companies undertake three common practices to build their functions and serve their stakeholders.

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