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Seven Incredible Phrases Every Leader Needs To Learn To Say

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What if you could make a dramatic change in your relationships and your organization’s culture just by learning a few key phrases? I’ve found that the following phrases are among the most powerful that any leader or manager can say to an employee, client, supplier or colleague. Try a few of them out to get comfortable with them, and I guarantee you won’t believe the noticeable impact it has on your results.

1. “What Do You Think?” These could be the four most important words a leader or manager can say. And they can’t be overemphasized. “What do you think?” is such a powerful message to convey to your people, to your peers, to your suppliers and to your customers. You don’t have all the answers. You may have some answers. Why close yourself off to the opportunity to get the very best answer from your team’s collective brainpower? Some believe asking this question is some sign of weakness. That’s not even close to true. If you have the confidence in the supporting cast around you, you owe it to yourself and to them to shake every insight out of them that you possibly can.

2. “You Could Be Right.” This is so critical in terms of demonstrating humility. It shows how a good idea can come from anywhere in the organization and that you are an inclusive problem-solver who does not try to take all the credit for every great solution. It also pairs well with the first phrase, “What do you think?”After you say, “You could be right,” you want to follow that up with an empowerment of the individual to go experiment a bit with exploring the answer to that further. “You could be right. What would be the next steps we’d have to take to implement it?” Or “You could be right. What do you think the obstacles are that we’re going to face if we go that way?”

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