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Seven Leadership Skills Most Managers Lack

Source | LinkedIn : By Amarjit Singh Bindra

We are getting smarter about work and people and the intersection between them. More and more, working people are telling the truth about topics that they were afraid to talk about openly before. One of the stickiest topics is the quality of leadership found in large and small employers.

We are starting to tell the truth about the fact that most people in leadership positions are lacking in critical skills.

They don’t know how to talk to their employees and they don’t know how to listen. If they received any management training at all, they were probably trained to dole out work assignments and evaluate people. They don’t know how to probe for understanding or how to create cohesion on a team.

In this new millennium, the old management tools like carrots and sticks — rewards and punishments, that is — are almost useless. People aren’t motivated by carrots and sticks anymore. They want a piece of whatever win their department or their organization is shooting for.

That’s only reasonable! People want to be included and respected at work, and who can blame them?

Here are seven leadership skills most managers lack. Can you begin a conversation in your workplace about these leadership topics today?


A good manager can take another person’s perspective, whether the other person is a customer, the manager’s boss, or an employee on the manager’s team. Strong managers can see the world through someone else’s eyes. Unless managers talk through situations and gain perspective on them, they will not easily grow this skill on their own.


The skill of allowing is the ability not to react in the moment when you hear bad or startling news, but to keep breathing and give the situation time to unfold. Too many new and even experienced managers freak out whenever they hear something they don’t like. That is not a trait that strong leaders possess.

Real leaders allow people to be who they are, and they allow all the good things and bad things that happen in any workplace to happen because they know that they and their teammates can solve any problem if they keep their cool and resist the urge to place blame.

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