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Seven Pitfalls to Avoid During Organizational Transformation

By Anupam Kundu & Tarang Baxi | Thought Works

Today, leaders in most large global companies are acutely aware of how technology-fueled disruptive innovations and changing preferences of an educated younger demographic are rapidly shrinking product life cycles and creating new business models. These leaders are forced to rethink business strategies and organizational models to survive and thrive in this new world order. However, leaders and their organizations suffer from fear of failure and practiced incumbency, especially when embarking on an ambitious change initiative.
The change journey is fraught with unknowns and the unexpected. Orchestrating organizational transformation in any large company is like launching a rocket into space. Much goes into preparations to be successful, but unforeseen factors like weather or wind pressure can affect the launch and flight path. A multitude of factors can misdirect the change program, resulting in delays, crashes, or becoming lost in orbit.

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