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Seven Signs Of Burnout – And What To Do About Them

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Burnout happens when you experience prolonged periods of stress at work. It makes you feel mentally, physically and emotionally detached. It’s so bad that you are not able to muster up the motivation to do anything about it.

It is common to hear that someone is stressed out at work, but burnout is a more extreme version of being stressed. There is a difference between burnout and just being stressed. A stressed person feels it temporarily, maybe when there is an unreasonable deadline to meet. After that, they get back to feeling normal.

But if you’re experiencing burnout, even the met deadline cannot relieve you from how you feel. You still feel hopeless, drained out and demotivated. You’ve worked under pressure for so long that its effects are more difficult to undo.

When you’re stressed there is too much to do, but you still somehow feel like you will able to handle it. But when you’re burnt out, you feel like no matter how much you try to fix your situation, it will never get better —You feel hopeless. Here are few other signs that will help you understand if you’re burning out:

You Feel Negative About Everything

You will see yourself being very pessimistic and saying things that you normally wouldn’t. You will be more sarcastic than usual and look at things with a hopeless perspective. You will start to sound no different than your mom cribbing about your dirty room.

Emotionally you would feel exhausted and with no drip of motivation. The prolonged stress has sucked the life out of you and you just cannot seem to snap out of it. It is normal to feel negative from time to time but when you notice that it is almost a constant, then it is a problem.

You’re Constantly Dissatisfied

You’re not happy and tend to blame everyone around you. Your bad mood gets you into arguments you would not usually engage in or you feel like cribbing a lot about the situation.

Cribbing is the first sign of dissatisfaction and you will see that it encompasses your general view towards things.

You Feel Like Absconding

If all you want to do is drop everything, and run away to the Himalayas to become a sadhu, it sounds like you’re giving into your fight or flight instincts. It is quite natural for us to want to run away from a situation that we feel is too challenging, it is built in us—a primitive instinct. Imagine if you want to resort to such a primitive instinct, how much you would want to avoid the situation.

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