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Shape-Up By Mapping To The Future

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Some thing is in it for every one. It is the solid foundation for leadership. There is a need for dynamic model to build fundamental capability for any aspirant to climb up steps of career ladder. A stable support for ladder to lean is a strong wall. That is called Competency. It is a success basal for any profession. Competency encompasses clusters of Knowledge, Skill, Experience, Attitude, Attribute, Motives and Values that are required to perform a job in an effective and efficient way. How do we differentiate?

Here is an account of Amar and Zameer to bring out the core of success differentiator. Amar and Zameer are at the same age of 26. They have the same Intelligence Quotient, say 100 units in both Leadership and Functional areas. Both are Graduates in Mechanical Engineering. In 2004, they joined different organizations as Supervisors and were paid almost similar compensation. During 2006 they moved up in position ranks with salary hikes. Happy about his progress and achievement, Amar sat back with comfort and proud. Though Zameer too was happy, his fire within was flaming up. He become more attentive and watched all the changes in around him. Zameer decided to build on new skills and widen his knowledge perspective, broaden and strengthen his shoulder to carry more responsibilities. He is excited about multitasking and enjoyed sharing his thoughts with others. He also influenced others to move up as well. In theprocess, he is more thrilled about the vast opportunities and breadth and depth of ocean of learning.

During 2009 Zameer’s continued acquisition of new competencies at a compounded rate over time, effectively grows at the rate of 6%. Amar also grows efficiently at 1% per year. It is like a deposit earning interest of 1% versus 6%. Similarly career progression of Amar and Zameer varies in the long run. At the age of 50 both Amar and Zameer are in two different leagues. Amar now is heading a Manufacturing Unit of 300 employees.

Zameer is Technical Director of a Multinational Group leading several business verticals across Asia.

How did Zameer Succeed? There could be several reasons. The main reason is that he had the attitude and behavior to keep him self equipped with new competencies, in tune with perpetually complex and unstable environment around. Learning became a way of life for Zameer. Zameer progressively inculcated this, and became a good learner to adapt himself to his work and personal environment.

The key here is selecting and blending new competencies in one’s own strong area. The first step is to build foundational competencies, in the domains of Personal, Inter- Personal and Business/Functional. Secondly, it is applying these competencies in current role that one performs. Third, in way, is a continuous one like pedaling a bicycle to keep moving with balance, which is to re-hone and build new competencies that are required to achieve goals in the changing world around.


MRCM. R. Chandramowly is a Trainer and HR Solutions Facilitator. A Graduate in Science and a Post Graduate in Literature/Anthropology he has received course graduation from Covey Leadership, Competency Management Accreditation from SMR Inc, VOICES Certification from Lominger Inc, ‘Human Values’ from IIM Calcutta and ‘Silva Mind control’ from Australian Business Programs. Mowly, with 25 years of HR professional experience worked with organizations like MICO Bosch, PSI-Bull. and took to HR training and consulting after his last assignment as Corporate VP – HR for Praxair Group in India. An active contributor in the area of Leadership Competencies and HR Education. Mowly has trained executives of several organizations and published articles, presented theme papers in national and international HR conferences.

A visiting faculty teaching Business Ethics for Post Graduate HR, Mowly served as secretary of National HRD Network and facilitated HR workshops for National Institute of Personnel Management and Bangalore HR Summit. He is working on synthesizing eastern wisdom with western leadership competencies developing a learning module ‘Value Based Competencies’. The author is an HR Expert and can be reached at

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