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Shaping Startup culture | Dave Ulrich with Freshteam

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How should founders shape the company culture from the beginning? Should it be the founders’ personal set of values/beliefs or should external factors lay the foundation of your workplace culture?

As part of the Freshteam Leadership Series, we interviewed Professor Dave Ulrich, a university professor, author, speaker, management consultant and coach, on how a growing company goes about building the right HR team recently. Professor Ulrich, widely recognized as the ‘father of modern HR’, has published over 30 books on organization, leadership and human resources. Over the years, he has consistently been recognized as a top HR influencer and has consulted and done research with over half of the Fortune 200 companies and worked with organizations in over 80 countries.

To listen to the entire interview:

In this interview, Prof Ulrich offers his insights on a variety of challenges faced by startup founders.

– How to build the workplace culture of a growing company?
– When’s the right time for founders to start thinking about succession planning?
– What does the hiring process look like for a growing company?
– How can founders accelerate their company into the rapid growth stage?
– When should founders consider hiring their first HR leader?
– What should a company’s first HR leader do ?
– What are the HR leadership skills needed in a growing company?

With a lot of real life examples and clarity from his years of experience, Professor Ulrich clears away the clouds on these topics.

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