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Short Walking Tall!

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A lesson to draw from. The things that you hold back are the things that can push you up !

Many say that in football height is a disadvantage – taller players tend to become slow, lazy, clumsy, sloppy and shoddy. However, the bigger school of thought that drives the present day football thinking subscribes that tall players generally can influence any part of a team except for centre of the mid-field. Their strength is usually their height. That and a deadly ability to head the ball makes the taller players a force to reckon with. Most teams therefore include tall players, other skills kept equal. Thus the football selection process sees it as an advantage and thus favours the tall players.

Let me share 10 of the world’s tallest players…

1. Nicole Zigic – 6’7.5″

2. Stefan Maierhofer – 6’7″

3. Peter Crouch – 6’7″

4. Fernando Liorente – 6’5″

5. Andy Caroll – 6’5″

6. Christopher Sambha – 6’4″

7. Peter Mertesacker – 6’6″

8. Krit van Houf – 6’10”

9. Zat Knight – 6′ 6″

10 Tor Hogne – 6’8.5″

The average international footballer’s height is 6′.Now comes the catch.

At 5’3″ Muggsy Bogues was the shortest player to play professional football and succeed.

Throughout out his playing days most players upon seeing him, undermined him and thus counted him out. But Bogues converted this advantage hidden behind his upfront set-back and emerged as one of the best footballers of his time.

That’s where the lesson for everybody lies hidden. Just about anything can be converted into an advantage. Particularly your set-backs !

Says Marcus Aurelius : “Just as the nature of rational things has given to each person their rational powers, so it also gives us this power – just as nature turns to its own purpose any obstacle or any opposition , sets its place in the destined order, and co-opts it, so every natural person can convert any obstacles into the raw material for their own purpose.”

Anything can be your advantage. It is never the height of the player that matters. It is the tall belief of the player in himself that counts.

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