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Should I Quit — Or Stay And Try To Fix My Department?

Source |  | Liz Ryan, CONTRIBUTOR

Dear Liz,

I work in a pretty good company, but unfortunately I’m in a dysfunctional department.

My manager “Chuck” is a terrible leader. The only reason he keeps his job is because his best friend is our CEO’s brother. The CEO’s brother doesn’t work here.

I trust our CEO but I don’t  have the nerve to go see him and tell him that his brother’s best friend is an incompetent bully.

I have a lot of credibility in the company but you know how it is with the chain of command. You’re not supposed to go over your boss’s head, and I don’t.

I keep trying to start a stealth job search but my heart isn’t in it. I really want to fix the company rather than just running away. But of course, if I make Chuck mad I could get fired. I can’t take that risk.

Should I buckle down and start my job search, or go talk to my CEO about the problems with Chuck and hope for the best?



Dear Annie,



The interesting thing about your dilemma (a very common one) is that in the end, the solution to your problem is the same whether you stay or go.

It takes guts to launch a stealth job when you’re under the thumb of an incompetent bully.

It takes guts to go over your boss’s head and talk to the CEO about the damage your manager is doing to your company.

Whichever path you choose, your muscles will grow!

It is very tempting to stay in a job you know.

We can easily delude ourselves that if only our biggest problem could get solved somehow, the job would go back to being awesome the way it was before.

That is very seldom the case.

How clueless does a CEO have to be to hire his brother’s best friend in a management role and then assume everything is great without checking in with the brother’s-best-friend’s employees?

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