Signatures of Success

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Two brothers who tell you how employable you are. A man who gives you a first-hand feel of rural India. App makers. A car ‘spa’ owner. Here are 20 entrepreneurs, stars of Inspiration Inc.

India is not the best place in the world to become an entrepreneur. It is, by some measures, one of the worst. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Rankings for 2012, India is a very poor 166 out of 183 nations on parameters relating to ease of starting a new business. For this, the Government and its cumbersome rules, regulations and processes must take the blame. It is to the credit of Indian enterprise that it continues to sprout new ventures even while it operates in a difficult business environment.

India’s growth story is driven by the strength of its private sector. That is what distinguishes India from its closest competitor, China, where economic growth has been driven by the state. The sustainability of India’s growth depends on the ability of its entrepreneurs to prosper. The last 18 months have been challenging for even the strongest pillars of Indian entrepreneurs like the Ambani brothers and Ratan Tata, as interest rates have soared and policy paralysis has gripped Government.


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